Workshops and Seminars

About the Speaker

Cheryl had a good mix of presentation and interaction – very engaging

Great interactive exercises

I would like to go more in depth on several of the topics

Interactions good to keep us involved

Have a Part 11 to the workshop so we can do more in-depth exercises

Cheryl using slides at event

Excellent….need to have more workshops like this

I enjoyed the seminar very much

Lots of great information – good and new

Eager for next presentation

The program was great; Cheryl was very warm and friendly

[Cheryl Weir speaking to a group]

What were your key take aways from the workshop?

Different styles are ok and we just have to adapt to the different styles to be more effective.

New insight and tools to improve my interactions with others

Ways to improve my leadership skills

How to use endorsement

[photo of a power point presentation given by Cheryl Weir]

Learned better ways to communicate with people that are different than me and the other gender

How to deal with others and learn abut myself.

Listening more effectively to others

New awareness of what I can improve in myself

I always like to learn more about what makes people tick

Concept of gaining endorsement

Great info to incorporate into my work/personal behavior

Learning how others might perceive me and perceptions are real

Listening and observing others behavior styles so that I can work better with my team

Asking for feedback and being thankful

workshop action shot