What Others Are Saying

"By year's end, revenue growth was 16%. That put Cleary's outfit in the top three fastest growing in AT&T's Growth Markets. "We blew out the numbers," he says. "Cheryl accelerated our transformation, no question about it."
FORTUNE Magazine, 2/21/00

"I attribute part of our phenomenal success in 1997 (#1 Branch in the Country) to the thoughts we shared about the ..."
Eric, Business Unit Executive, IBM

"The most important aspect of the coaching sessions is that I gained self-confidence, feeling that I am valued and can do anything I want to do".
Tina, Center Manager, AT&T

Cheryl helped us focus our marketing efforts and energies on the clients that make sense for our PR firm. Through our work with her, we came to understand the strengths we have in a competitive marketplace. She also made us think about our personal goals and come up with strategies to make them attainable.
Principals, ReynoldsInk, Public Relations Firm

"It has been an interesting journey to have someone do for me and encourage me, as I do so much for others."
Janet, Johnson & Johnson

"When I documented my goals and had to report back to Cheryl on their status I took that seriously and therefore made advancement on them. The results were better job satisfaction and a better means to address the associated stress."
Steve, AT&T

"Cheryl's coaching has been valuable on many fronts:

  • Senior management has gained insight into their leadership
  • Communication is now an important tool for success.
  • Each executive feels "ownership" of his/her areas of responsibility.
  • The stage has been set for an open awareness of continued "learning and development".

Ray VP, Log On America, Inc.

"I thought you did a great job of introducing me to the field of coaching and supporting my clients. As a result, I refer all coaching clients to you!"
Chris, Major Pharmaceutical Company

"I think the value I get from our coaching is that you get me to see 'situations or issues' from the other person's point of view. Putting all the facts on the table is acceptable; and it's okay to voice personal needs/desires."
Thanks, Jane

"Please know that I am concluding this first coaching experience feeling grateful for the opportunity to have worked with you, Cheryl, and I also want to acknowledge you for your true commitment to my success. I always felt like you had my best interest in mind and in today's corporate chaos, it's wonderful to know that someone special is in your corner. Many thanks for opening up a whole New World for me."
Eileen, AT&T

"I attribute my continued success to who I became after working with Cheryl. I get new fuel and energy from coaching and can attribute my sustained success to the work that I have been doing with Cheryl over the past 3 years."
Maury, AT&T

"Cheryl, I wanted to let you know that my review went extremely well and I am now a Director. I appreciate your coaching in the process and helping me develop the plan to ensure my success."
Donald, Pfizer.

"My coaching experience with Cheryl Weir has been (and continues to be) extremely valuable. She has helped me begin the process of making a transition from my current work to work that will be much more fulfilling and "energy-gaining" versus "energy- draining"

Also, she is very funny!"
Beth, Trainer.

"Your coaching helped move me in the right direction. I completed my Executive MBA as discussed with you and graduated first in my class and have since been promoted."
Terry, Lucent Technologies