Leadership Assessments

Cheryl Weir and Associates are certified in the delivery and coaching around the following 4 Assessments.


According to current research on leadership, the most effective people are those who understand themselves, are aware of the demands of the situations and then create strategies to meet those needs. Once you complete the assessment, you will begin to see how your unique needs and values give you your success and limit you. By completing this assessment, you will also become aware that other people have different needs and values, providing new perspectives for you about them.

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Behavior and Styles Analysis (DISC)

Being able to "flex" to other's styles can be learned and is one of the key ingredients in being seen as a leader, effective manager, and star performer.

"The one big "ah ha" that occurred during my coaching session with Cheryl, was understanding and realizing others' perceptions of me. During one of our coaching sessions, it finally hit me that before I speak I need to ask myself "who am I talking to", "what do THEY want to hear", "do I even need to say anything", and "what is going on in their world?" By putting yourself in the recipient's shoes, it sometimes makes you realize why they are acting or doing the things they are doing. The DISC methodology helped to explain my own self perceptions as well as other's perceptions of me based on my characteristics.

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360 Degree Multi-Rater Assessment (ECI)
Indicates Opportunities for Leadership Development

What sets apart the start performers from the Mediocre is Emotional Intelligence. The more you know what makes you tick, the easier it is to see others from their perspective, flex to their styles and have more influence with them.

"Probably the most effective tool utilized during the coaching process was the ECI (Emotional Competence Inventory). The ECI allowed me to rate my self in several areas of competency and also to have my manager and my peers rate me in the same areas. It helped to compare the responses to see how others may perceive me and where others feel that my strengths and weaknesses lie. It is one thing to thing to know your areas of strength, and weakness, but probably even more important to realize how others may perceive you."

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TKI Conflict Management Assessment

Workers at all levels must learn to accept conflict as an inevitable par of their work environment. Studies have shown that an overwhelming majority (85%) of employees at all levels experience conflict to some degree. These studies indicate that US employees spend 2.8 hours per week dealing with conflict, equating to approximately $389 billion in paid hours in 2008 (Bases on average hourly earning of $17.98 – Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2008). The question for management is not whether it can be avoided, but how to deal with the conflict. Using the TKI assessment, one will learn their preferred modes of conflict and how other modes might be more effective in some situations. Clients have describes how this simple little assessment has given them more options for approaching people and situations in their organizations. They have reported that the awareness has increased their productivity, operational effectiveness and morale.

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TKI and 1 hour Coaching Session to Review
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