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Most sales organization would benefit from a targeted approach that builds a higher-level of focus and result-orientation. While most of the members of a sales team have consistently met their sales targets, the behaviors that given them their success, may at times limit their ability to go to the next level performance. This program is designed to provide the sales team with tools and techniques to generate extraordinary performance levels. We recommend the following structured approach for your consideration.

Targeted Coaching for the Sales Manager and Individual Salespeople

The 90 Day Productivity Program is a results-oriented coaching program, designed to generate extraordinary performance levels. This program is designed to target behaviors that produce results while creating the habits for continuing at that higher level of production/performance. Experts say it takes 21 days to create habits we want in our lives and this program provides the structure to focus on these new habits and then support sustainabilty.

Coaching Skills for Coaching the Sales Team

In this structured program the Sales Manager will absorb new coaching skills to practice with each of the members of their team. This will enable the sales people to integrate the new skills to sustain and maximize performance. This focused 90-day program/process includes both individual and joint sessions delivered either face-to-face and/or via teleconference.

Potential Benefits of the Program are:

  1. Individuals Salespeople reach their goals more quickly, easily and naturally
  2. Each Salesperson experiences winning weekly
  3. The Salesperson creates new habits that create the results they say they want, however, have not been able to achieve
  4. Greater synergy through teamwork
  5. Learning new strategies and principles for success
  6. Applying new "distinctions", which maximize productivity
  7. Holding people accountable by inspection

How the Program works:

Step 1 — Pre-Planning: This program begins with a meeting between the Coach and the Sales Manager to discuss the outcomes for the program. The Coach will then customize the 90-day Productivity Program to target those behaviors needed to meet the desired business outcomes at your organization. The Coach and the Sales Manager will review the proposed work plan and agree to the next steps before moving forward. Issues to be discussed during this meeting include:

  • Who will participate on the weekly calls?
  • What are the areas of responsibility?
  • Targeted coaching to define the desired outcomes.

Step 2 — Kick-Off Session: The Coach will facilitate a Kick-Off session for the sales team. And the Sales Manager to present the objectives of the program, how it works, and the game plan going forward, their commitment to the success of the program through target coaching and the weekly coaching sessions. Emphasis will be placed on their part of the accountability of the program as determined in Step 1.

Step 3 — Individual Meetings: The Coach will meet with each salesperson to discuss and identify the weekly action item that is tied to a key business outcome and how they are progressing on making this a "habit." The purpose is to create one action that will have that person reach their goal in 90 days. For example, if each person is to write 8 proposals per week, then they need to focus on how to make it happen and then create a time each week to focus on scheduling time to do the work.

Step 4 — Weekly Calls: The team will agree to the time of the week for each call. In this call, the coach and the salesperson will work to uncover the blocks, or what might get in the way of each salesperson reaching their goal and accomplishing their weekly goal. Each call will include new distinctions so that the salesperson can design new patterns of thinking that allow them to move through those blocks or instances when they occur.

Step 5 — Evaluate Success: At the end of the program, the coach will meet with the Sales Manager and relevant executives to evaluate the success of the program and determine if the business objectives have been met.

Step 6 — Coaching Skills for Coaching the Sales Manager: In addition, we recommend a 90-day targeted coaching program for the Sales Manager as a way to integrate the learnings into the sales culture of the organization and sustain the new habits and behaviors beyond the focused 90 Day Program with the salespeople This is a structured process to learn the coaching skills that leaders use to bring out the best in their people.

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