Retaining Talented Employees

When business is on a downswing and layoffs are rampant, it seems reasonable that employees would be reluctant to trade what they have for uncertainty. In addition, with the growing pool of talent in the labor market suitable replacements can be found easily when employees do leave. Under closer scrutiny, there is a strong case against such thinking. It is never simple or cheap to replace a top producer.

Competitors and headhunters are always stalking your top talent, regardless of economic condition. Most executive these days look outside their organizations to fill key positions. They do whatever it takes to lure attractive candidates, using signing bonuses, stock options and generous compensation packages. Your best defense is an ongoing retention program as your star performers will always be vital to your business, especially in tough economic times.

The number one reason people come to work is to make a contribution, make a difference. And, by developing the leaders and managers in your organization to focus on what is really important to each individual requires a new set of skills.

To help you develop and put into practice these new skills the Retaining Talented Employees Program has been designed. The training is delivered in two parts, a one day intensive workshop and six teleconference training sessions held over three months to reinforce the learning and practice these new skills over two months.

In this workshop the participants focus on some of the current issues facing their teams, and how to create a personal win for themselves, their team and the company. Many managers approach their direct reports in one of two ways, trying to help them emulate how they were successful, or trying to keep them “on task” producing the numbers. In this workshop we will focus on the people first, and the tasks/revenue/results second. Once you can see that each person on your team needs a specific and customized game plan, then you can see how to direct the individual and the team in winning. The goal for you is to learn more about your style and behavior so that you can become a better leader/role model for your people. Remember 75% of employees quit their job because of their boss.

In order to retain talented employees you must know what employees want at work, why they come to work and why they leave. Next you need to know how well you are currently doing at creating an environment where employees want to stay and grow. This is measured by the results from the Workplace Survey. Once you identify your gaps, you are able to consciously choose to develop the skills and tools that you will learn in this workshop. In this process you will develop your leadership competencies and become a more effective manager with employees who are motivated, inspired and self generative.

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