Get into Action — The Art of Prospecting

Program Description

It's time to stop thinking about growing your business and getting into the action of growing your client base! Using the concept of the 21-Day Productivity Program, a results-oriented coaching program, we will delve into the habits of successful coaches and the habits of successful people in thriving businesses. This session is designed to:

  • help you discover the "gap" between where you are today and what it will take to generate extraordinary performance levels.
  • target behaviors that produce results while creating the habits for continuing a more structured approach to growing your client base.

Experts say it takes 21 days to create habits we want in our lives and this program provides increased self-awareness, key learnings and structure to focus on developing these habits.

Program Goals

In this Program we will identify each participants' strengths, opportunities for development, where you tend to focus, and what it will take for you to get out of your comfort zone by taking some risks and the benefits of doing so! At the end of the session you will identify a Single Daily Action that when completed each day for 21 days, will enable you to achieve your goal. The intended result of creating these new habits of behavior is to ensure that they become natural and sustainable after the 21-Day Productivity Program.

Potential Benefits of the Program

  1. Individuals reach their goals more quickly, easily and naturally
  2. Each participant experiences winning daily
  3. The participants create new habits that deliver the results they say they want but to date have not been able to achieve
  4. Learning new strategies and principles for success
  5. Applying new "distinctions", which maximize productivity
  6. Holding yourself accountable

Design Description

  • Present a Structure for 21 Days
  • Use of forms and creating a structure
  • Facilitator lead exercises to explore 4-6 areas of discipline
    • self-awareness
    • time management
    • what are you tolerating?
    • organizational skills
    • the art of "selling yourself"

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