Leadership Coaching

"Leadership is now a state of mind, not a position. In this highly interactive age, we will increasingly find ourselves in situations that demand the exercise of our innate capability to lead. It is imperative that each of us bring up the leader within us. We must all develop our leadership capability to its fullest in order for our organizations and institutions to be transformed. The path to leadership is one of personal growth."
—Donna C. L. Prestwood

Leadership Coaching is designed for people who are at the top or near the top echelon of their organization, and for Line Managers who are visionaries and know what needs to be done and need the confidence to speak their vision. Leaders in such positions often have little opportunity for open, creative, and productive dialogue around their personal and professional vision.

Just as a professional athlete or performance artist needs a coach, so do leaders. As your coach I offer an unbiased, objective, and trained viewpoint without a personal agenda, other than to have you win in all areas of your life. The coaching sessions are designed so you are called to action in a renewed expression of your own personal power and leadership.

Coaching provides a safe environment to express yourself freely. The dialogue is purposeful and designed to allow you to expand your thinking so that new possibilities for your projects and commitments can be created.

You will gain clarity and identify what you are truly committed to in all areas of your life, as well as what stops you. You will learn to suspend the "inner dialogue" that can interfere with what you say you are committed to having in your life. You will begin to see how living your life from purpose will have you fulfilled and enjoying life, especially your life at work!

The coaching is done privately and confidentially on an individual basis via the telephone or in person and scheduled at times that are mutually beneficial.

Business Challenges She Addresses With Clients

  • Developing Core Competencies through coaching.
  • Coaching for performance, with measurable results for success.
  • The contribution of each member of the team and how important they are through a process of acknowledgment.
  • Commitment Management process to complete work on time, not time management.
  • Teamwork through alignment vs. consensus.
  • Effective and efficient communication, by "listening" and "speaking" about what people are not saying that needs to be said.