Take Yourself to the Next Level!

The Executive Leadership Program

When you have executive presence you have more influence. Mastering your ability to influence requires the competencies that experts say set the Leaders apart from others, or the "stars" from the mediocre. Coaching to develop your unique leadership style will have you promoted more quickly and speaking more powerfully. Read more about the Executive Leadership Program.

Retaining Talented Employees

The number one reason people come to work is to make a contribution, make a difference. And, by developing the leaders and managers in your organization to focus on what is really important to each individual requires a new set of skills.

To help you develop and put into practice these new skills the Retaining Talented Employees Program has been designed. The training is delivered in two parts, a one day intensive workshop and six teleconference training sessions held over three months to reinforce the learning and practice these new skills over two months.

Rocket Your Results Program

Sales results in organizations are linear. "Blow out your Numbers" using this non-linear game as Chip Cleary did in AT&T. "Quota was 40K/week we were producing 30K/week and after the program we produced 90K/week for the next 6 weeks and we are not stopping!" Coaching in this non-linear game guarantees the results are quantifiable and sustainable.

A Coach Approach to Managing Your People

Most managers and team leaders in organizations have great difficulty having the "Tough Conversations" to address lack of performance issues, or motivating and moving employees forward. Coaches are masters at language, like an artist uses a paintbrush to produce masterpieces, and this program helps you develop these critical coaching techniques.

Assess What Gets in Your Way

Assessment tools are the easiest way to see your Behaviors and Styles that cause you to be seen in a favorable or unfavorable light. When you are able to uncover why some people or the things that they do drive you crazy or frustrate you , then you can have a new perspective and waste less time and stay focus on your goals. Other people provide valuable feedback to learning the competencies that you might want to develop in order to be seen as a great leader or star in your organization.